How To Use Anitube Guide

Ok, so this guide has been made, as SO MANY people do not know how to navigate / use AniTube properly ! So I’ve created a guide 🙂 , if you’re new to this site, please read this ^^

Ok, so this guide will go through a few things, the cool functions we have on AniTube & also how to find an anime 😉

So firstly you click on “Anime Videos” [not too hard -_-] and you’ll come to a page like this :

Thumbnail [Click on the thumbnail for a bigger image]

Now as you can see, this all looks really unorganized ! But actually it isn’t ! You’ll see that “Anime episodes A-D” has red lines around it ! Click on it and you’ll get a page like this :

Thumbnail [Click on the thumbnail for a bigger image]

Well now all the anime with that start with A, B,C & D are in alphabetical order ! Of course you can do the same thing for any of the other sections ! The reason why we don’t have all the anime like this, is because we have over 200 anime series and imagine how long it would take to load up all those thumbnails on your browser ?! It may even crash your browser 😦

Well, then click on the anime you want to watch and then click on the episode you want to watch and you’ll get a screen like this :

Thumbnail [Click on the thumbnail for a bigger image]

So as you can see, you can now play the video [by clicking on the play button (Red Lines around it in the image) ] or you can go into “Full Screen mode” by clicking on the full screen button below the video OR by clicking on the button in the FLASH player. [Blue lines around these 2 places, in the image]

You can also download the anime, if you want to store it on your PC by clicking on the “Download” button.

Another cool function is this

rss , I’m sure you’ve seen this button all around AniTube. Well it’s an RSS feed, let’s say that you are watching an ongoing anime.. like Gundam 00 and you want to be notified A.S.A.P when the latest episode has been added to AniTube ? Well go into the Gundam 00 category.. go into the place where the videos are and click on the button and “Subscribe to the RSS feed” , everytime a new episode is added you’ll automatically be notified via your browser !!


How To Download Guide

If you need to download a video that have been uploaded to Anitube, please follow this guide. Please dont frustrated because of the ‘Step-by-Step’ help. This is meant for everybody including absoloute beginners.

The software you’ll need are the following: VLC Player (Download here ). Remember to chose your file location wisly (make it an easy for you to open it like the ‘Desktop’).

Make sure before you start your download that you can chose the location of where to save your video. You can do this by going to the ‘Tools’ tab on your browser and chose ‘Always ask me where to save files’ and click ‘Ok’. Note that this is only for Firefox. All other browsers will let you chose where to save your download by default.

1) To begin your download go to the video you want to download (please Report any video that is not working).

2)Click the ‘Download’ button below the video. This will open a small window that will load the download.

3) After it says ‘Done’ on the bottom of the small window, you can either right click, and save the file or you could click the link for the download window to open. If Download Window doesnt open, make sure you’re using either Morzilla Firefox (Download Here ), Opera (Download Here ) Windows Internet Explorer (Download Here ). It is recommended that you use Opera or Firefox as your browser.

4) When the Download Window opens, it will ask you where you want the download to be on your computer. Type in the name you want and without any spaces type this extension after the file name (.flv), so for an example this will be what it will look like: ‘Naruto Episode 25.flv’. It is recommended that you chose the ‘Desktop’ to be the download’s location for easy use. After you do this click save.
5) After your download finishes close the Download Window and got to the location of your Download. Right click the file, go to ‘Open With’, go to ‘Chose Default Program’, and browse the VLC Player, then click ‘Ok’. then double click the video file and your video will open.

Thank you For Your Time.


How To Upload Guide


This is a guide for all those who wish to upload anime for AniTube. We at AniTube don’t host any video files on our server. If you are wondering why, it’s because the server costs would probably be at around $1000+ per month and we don’t have that kind of money.

Please make sure you don’t Upload the anime that are in this list, we were requested to take them down by their copyright owners. URL to list : http://www.anitube.net/latest/dont-upload-add-these-anime.html

We reccomend that you upload on these hosts :

http://www.gofish.com – If you have anime in RM formats etc..


When uploading we reccomend you use the following precautions, to make sure that your video doesn’t get deleted in the near future firstly change the file name.

For example, I want to upload Seto no Hanayome.

  • Firstly the filename is : “[gg]_Seto_No_Hanayome_01_[425696EA].mkv” change it to “asdasda.mkv” or something like that.
  • Secondly do not put the anime name in the description / title / tag on the place you are uploading to.. and also do not enter the word “episode”
  • 3rdly , If your using Veoh.com,it’ll ask you “Does this video contain nudity or sexual situations?” Say NO to all 3 options. As if you put “Yes” you won’t be able to add your upload to AniTube.

So say you were uploading to a hoster, it would look something like this :

Filename : sdfsdfsd.aviTitle : asdasdasdasdwdgfgdfgd 1Description dsfsdfsdfsdfaSgv

Tags : asdasdafkfgd

As you can see there is no reference to the episode “Seto no Hanayome” on the hoster, after you’ve finished uploading, get the URL of the episode you uploaded and put it on AniTube, only then should you put “Seto no Hanayome” in the title and description. If possible just put it in any random categor, not necessarily “Animation”Also we reccomend that you use mutliple accounts on these hosts.

Using these techniques your uploads will always be on AniTube & the will not die. Thanks for reading this and we look forward to seeing your uploads.

Please note, even if you do find the anime you want to upload on Veoh or another hoster, do NOT add it to AniTube, as that anime will probably get deleted by Veoh. Stick to this uploading guide.



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