Well Anitube and Zone Anime both came back online in 3 hours. All is well and we didn’t lose anything like last time. Here are some site updates:

I’ve spent a few hours upgrading and fixing up our profile system ! There were a few bugs when users attempted to access other peoples profiles, this has been fixed. On top of this, you can now :

  • Add your own images and make your own gallery in your profile !
  • Add videos into your profile from Google Videos & Youtube [must be in this form http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXX , with the WWW or it will not function]
  • Profilebook, other people can now leave comments on your own ‘profile guestbook’

Of course don’t forget all the previous functions that are already there 😉 This is only available for registered members, so if you’re not registered, register now and join our community !


Gud News…….Bad news

good news is that admin made a lot of changes to profiles like ; addin comments, pics,vids, and some stuff. Bad news is that 46 gours after he did Anitube and Zone Anime was either hacked or is having server problems. More updates will come ASAP.

6000+ Videos!!!!

In about a 2 weeks time e went from 5000 to 6000 videos. HUGE improvement for Anitube. We would like to thank all you guys for visiting our site. We really appreciate it 😀

Minor Changes

Just a small update about a minor change made to AniTube. We’ve modified our flash player a bit, so that when it’s in full screen mode there is no longer a bar blocking the subs 😛 . If you are not seeing this change, clear your cache and then load AniTube up, as you’re loading the old flash player up from your cache.  If this change incurs any problems ,please send contact us 🙂

We’re Back >_<

Well after a looot of working we’re back.. someone managed to get into our server and started causing mayhem.. we lost everything. The last backup we had was made 2 weeks ago, meaning we had to spend ages readding all the last additions made to AniTube, reinstall the new template and reconfigure it :(. Well everything is backup, some videos don’t work, I already know about that, we’re trying to fix the problem ^^. WE REALLY NEED people to help us, if you’re an anime fan that has nothing better to do and has a connection faster than 1mbs, PLEASE JOIN US. Thanks ^^

Updates [Updates Frequintly]


Ok well this update is mainly for missing episodes & updating anime that are ongoing etc. but we also have some new anime 🙂

So the new anime ^^ :

* Maple Story
* Ghost Hound
* Major season 4 !! Ep 1
* Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho Tou Kenbu Hen [Season 2 of Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho]

Also some new anime episodes 🙂

* Hero Tales 08
* One Piece 338
* Blue Drop 02-07
* PERSONA ~trinity soul~ 02
* Eyeshield 21 ep 116

And now for missing episodes that have been added !

* Code Geass 22
* Welcome to the NHK 16-24
* Missing Nagasarete Airantou episodes
* Gigantic Formula 14-22
* I’m also adding D.Grayman 1-65 , it’ll be up sometime today / tommorow.

The new hitman reborn episodes will be up soon

Enjoy 😉 So while Admin is doing that, me and one of my friends is uploading Naruto Dubbed to Stage6 and now we just have to update and add them to Anitube. I will be starting on adding them Today 😀

Scheduled Maintenance

Sometime on the 18th / 19th January , we’ll be having some scheduled maintenance, I expect this to last for around 1-2 hours maximum.For those who are curious to know what we’re doing.. It’s a secret ! Just don’t be alarmed when we come out of maintenance ;), well I won’t be suprised if a few of you already know what this maintenance is for [only active members will know :P]

Well, while our site is offline, feel free to visit our sister sites ! : Zone-Anime ~ Download Anime [550+ !!] & Manga & Anime OSTs 😛 and MangaConnection ~ Read Manga Online , well we’re trying hard to maintain these sites, if you want to help AniTube, Zone-Anime or MangaConnection just send me a message and become a hero of the anime community